furnished 2-room-apartment

The furnished 2- room, one bedroom nonsmoking Apartment


The Apartment features a separate bedroom with a king size bed with two mattresses, a modern kitchen fitted with dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, coffee make and water cooker. It includes is a modern new revated ( in 2022 ) bathroom with a shower, a living room area with a pullout sofa, a desk and a dining table. There is also a storage room, a outside seating area and free parking in front of the house. Included in your rental is free Satellite TV and Internet service with WIFI.

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Möbliertes Wohnen auf Zeit

Inhaber:  Volker Hellweg und Dr. Nicole Schräder-Hellweg GBR

Steuer Nummer 86228/30764

Telefon o171-160 1964


Ansprechpartner: Herr Volker Hellweg

Dornäckerweg 10 ; 72070 Tübingen - Hageloch
Internet/ Web: https://www.ferienwohnungen-tübingen-hellweg.de
 Reg.Nr. RNT20220153